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From Trieste to Eldorado: an Austro-Italian pioneer in Argentina

Carlos Strehler was born in 1899 in the Austro-Hungarian port city of Trieste. He and his brother were tea merchants, selling to the new Balkan kingdoms. In the 1920s they decided to try their luck as tea planters in Argentina. This is his story….


Islands to islands: Caymanians in Nicaragua’s Corn Islands

This is the final part of a series about the Corn Islands – two small, beautiful and remote islands on the western edge of the Caribbean, off the coast of Nicaragua. Part 1 of the series (which can be found here) introduces the islands, while Part 2 (which can be found here) focuses on coconut […]

Coconut Islands: Corn Islanders’ memories

The small and rather remote Corn Islands are located off Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast. Until quite recently the inhabitants have been overwhelmingly English-speaking – mainly the descendants of black slaves from Jamaica, white British plantation owners, Caymanian turtlers and traders, and the odd European and North American. These “native” islanders considered that they had little in common with mainland Nicaragua, instead […]

Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Almost fifteen years ago – in September 2000 – I visited Nicaragua’s small and remote Corn Islands. I thought about the islands again when a friend, Grant Peeples (who, with his wife Cathy, owned and ran a wonderful little hotel in Little Corn, the smallest and prettiest of the two islands), told me that I now wouldn’t recognise […]

The last Indians of Masvingo, Zimbabwe

For our fabric needs in Masvingo, a town in southern Zimbabwe, Anneliese and I were told to look no further than Ali & Co. Located on Josiah Tongogara Street, Masvingo’s principal shopping artery, the shop is packed-solid with cloth and sewing accessories suitable for pretty-well every conceivable taste, budget and purpose. Judging from the number of customers who were […]